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As the union for Australia’s working musicians, Musicians Australia has a plan to make our industry fair and sustainable. Musicians deserve a better deal. Join us.


There is No Music WIthout Us

Campaign for $250

Our musicians have spoken 98.4% of musicians have voted in favour of a minimum performance fee of $250 per musician, per gig. Australia’s live music sector was one of the first to be…

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Save Live Music Venues

Musicians Australia supports all music businesses that do the right thing by musicians by providing a fair fee, and good conditions. Where good venues have their businesses put into jeopardy by unfair government decisions…

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Stop The Rip Off

Australians love live music. It’s everywhere and part of everyone’s life. It’s also a multi-billion dollar industry, yet the majority of musicians do not make a living from music. Average musician incomes are…

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An Industry In CrisisIs music an industry driven by the churn and exploitation of musical talent rather than by the development and nurturing of a sustaining culture?


For every 1 hour of performance time, musicians spend 3 hours rehearsing, marketing and promoting their music.After preparation time and related expenses, musicians receive a fraction of their hourly rate when they perform.


Despite making up almost 50% of qualified musicians, women only hold 28% of senior & strategic roles in key industry organisations.


1 in 4 gigs are unpaid, and gigs are increasingly difficult to find. To make matters worse, average musician incomes are below minimum wage.Most need to work two or more jobs to make ends meet.


Gigs are often not paid at all, or cancelled with little notice, with performance contracts regularly broken without consequences.35% of musicians are paid less than the agreed rate at least 10% of the time.

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The Gig Map

See Which Venues are Paying Fair Rates

The Gig Map allows musicians to submit information about gigs they performed and see if venues are paying musicians fairly.

Our Members Are Working Together To Improve Conditions

Almost HALF of musicians are having their contracts regularly broken by venues and aren't being paid at all for some gigs.
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Musicians in Australia are paid on average only $7.50 per hour, well below the minimum wage.
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One in four gigs are unpaid, with musicians receiving nothing for their performance, rehearsal and travel.
1 in 20

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